Data privacy protection without compromise

We help organizations by removing the feeling of uncertainty and doubt about data privacy and replace it with a feeling of freedom and possibilities. Being able to maximize the use of your data with a feeling of 100% security, that's what we stand for!

Protect privacy-sensitive data within your organization while keeping it usable?

With NMTY you no longer have to choose. Your most sensitive data is completely anonymized and at the same time can be used for your testing, development, and analysis purposes!

Anonymize data within your organization, regardless of its size or how it is stored.

You decide what to anonymize and how.

Easy to use, even if you’re not a data expert.

Preserve the possibility to link anonymized data across different systems.

Want to exchange fully anonymized data between organizations?

The NMTY Managed Service anonymizes data while it is exchanged. Anonymization-as-a-Service, without any local installations. Get started with anonymization right away!

Anonymization-as-a-Service with no installation needed. Get started immediately with anonymizing and pseudonymizing data.

Central management of anonymization configurations that are instantly applied while you transfer data between systems.

Data is never stored anywhere during the exchange and is always encrypted while being processed.

Process documents in a secure manner?

NMTY supports you with masking (privacy) sensitive data within documents. Fully automatic or integrated within your existing processes.

Auto-detection algorithms support you with automatically detecting, categorizing and masking sensitive words.

Add your own sensitive words and categories to dictionaries, these can be applied directly during the masking process of your documents.

Integrated within your own environment or available as a managed service.

Our solutions support organizations with their data privacy challenges

NMTY expands its services to Denmark!

NMTY supports organizations with the safe processing of privacy-sensitive data by means of anonymization. Our ambition is to help as many organizations in Europe as possible to handle privacy-sensitive data in a safe and responsible manner. After the Netherlands, we are now expanding our services to Denmark.

ZorgSaam Zorgroep chooses NMTY Enterprise!

ZorgSaam has chosen to use our NMTY Enterprise solution to anonymize patient data inside their test, development and training environments of their electronic patient file software. By choosing NMTY Enterprise ZorgSaam sets a clear example on how to securely work with privacy-sensitive data during test, development and training activities.

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Curious about what NMTY can do for your organization?

We would like to get in touch with you to discuss all your data privacy challenges.

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